Zj Bruce Lee, Wife Has Die At UWI Hospital

Radio host Zj Bruce Lee, has come to social media to express his emotions after the passing of his wife Alecia Hamilton.

It’s hasn’t been a week as yet since Zj Bruce Lee Took to the internet asking for help in the case of his wife in need of blood for surgery.

Alecia Hamilton who was taken to the UWI hospital has passed away due to hospital negligence said her husband in a 0:44 video.

Zj Bruce Lee breaks down in tears after hearing the news from the doctors that his wife didn’t make it took to social media to say this.

“My wife had to die to show up how fucked up our medical institutions behave on a daily scale and that shit nah change at any point in time until the RICH SEE IT FIT TO DO SO. They will fucking neglect u up @uwimona if ur money nuh so turnt up. So this me a ask why open u Rass doors to the public if u ago treat dem like dog shit, shoulda stay like ANDREWS WHE TALK STRAIGHT SAY – NO MONEY NO TREATMENT !!!!! STRAIGHT UP. Just know say if I never took a video of them a slack off and a gwaan the world 🌎 wouldn’t know say a suh it go cause mouth chat nuh carry weight but when u can see it for yourself in HD a differ medz.”

The best part of me has died and I will never forget what massive role u played in making me the man I am today, always pushing me to do better and to be better m, kicked my ass when I messed up in anyway, would literally walk a mile or more with me, always wanted to be by my side, literally stayed up just to see me reach home from work then u said ok my love I can sleep now u safe, God damn there is many more things I miss right now and it pains badly. I know she loved me from the deepest regions of her heart cause it was the last thing she said to me and wrote heart ❤️ emoji’s and said I LOVE U TOO. I LOVE U TOO MY LOVE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. I will never forget u, I will still walk with u, talk with u, smile with u, kiss u, just like I do everyday. I MISS U SO MUCH MY LOVE 😍, I WILL NEVER LET OUR MEMORIES TOGETHER FADEAWAY.

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