Vybz Kartel First Interview From Prison In 9 Years After being Sentence For Murder (Interview Video Inside)

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel whose real name is Adidja Palmer did his first interview after being sentenced for the murder of Clive Lizard Williams in 2014.

In the interview with Fox 5 New York, Vybz Kartel get a series of question to answer which he answers all with no hesitation, but the question that stands out the most is “Do you Believe You Will Be Freed In 2022? which Vybz Kartel answer “YES”,

Because I know I’m innocent and with the help of the queen I will Be Free because she’s the only one who can save me now.

convicted murderer whose claim from day

one he was framed his talent drive

intelligence and wicked wit have never

been in question

now the only question is whether his

last legal appeal to the highest court

in the uk will determine he was

convicted based on falsified phone

evidence a lot is on the line he could

be a free man by 2022 or an inmate for

30 or more years it’s enough to send

anyone into depression but not vibes


yes yes

as you look around the cell that you’re

in right now can you describe for us

what that looks like it’s dark

it’s hot it has like three or four bunk

beds it’s got a toilet in the corner and

it’s got a huge grill

lots of metal it’s like a dungeon but

it’s instead of being in the cellar it’s

in the attic i’m actually in the roof

you say you’re in a better place

mentally than physically

a lot of people would find that hard to


yeah because i i was sick for a few

years so definitely i’m recovering

physically but mentally i’ve always been

in a good place because i know i’m

innocent and i know i’m coming out do

you really believe that yeah of course i

believe that and to be totally honest

the system really wanted me thrown away

it was never about me being charged for

a murder it was about getting rid of

five’s cartel

why do you say the system is out to get

you because they told us they say we

have too much influence

if you remember

and i had that little field a few years


we even went to king’s house which is

like the home of the prime minister

and they were telling us that oh we’re

leading the kids astray and if we don’t

stop what we’re doing we’re not gonna

get any permission to do shows and stuff

like that so it has always been about

the influence that white skies

the dance hall music genre like gangsta

rap does not shy away from lyrics that

talk about guns and street violence as

well as sexually explicit content how do

you keep your spirits up in prison

that’s a good question that’s why i said

i’m more mentally in a better place

because i read a lot i write a lot you

know i watch movies i listen to music

and i’ve

met people here that are cool like cool

people that we can talk about stuff you

know good friends along the way so

that’s how i spent my time you’ve had a

lot of songs come out since you’ve been

incarcerated about how many songs have

you written during this last decade that

you’ve been behind bars lots of songs

at one point i was sending out like

three four books a month because when i

write the songs i usually send the books

out when i get visits

thousands of songs really and i know all

of them are not going to be able to get


maybe in my span of my career but you

know i just keep writing and writing it

makes me better are you concerned that

the conditions there are going to impact

your health i’m basically just thinking

about going home now because everything

is drawing to a close so i’m not really

worried about my health as much i’m

doing much better you know so it’s all

good cartel’s attorney isaac buchanan

filed a fresh evidence appeal based on

the findings of a british digital expert

who found that his cell phone had been

tampered with prior to his trial it’s

expected to go before the privy council

second only to queen elizabeth in

authority yes

god saved the queen because she’s the

only one that can save me now

despite the twists and turns in his

legal saga cartel refuses to give up

coming up tomorrow night part two of my

exclusive jailhouse interview cartel

gets candid not holding back about how

he really feels it’s a side of him

you’ve never seen before


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