Trends in Educational Technology 2021

It seems that there is always a new trend in educational technology. One day you might find yourself watching your child’s favorite TV program and the next day you might find yourself reading a book about educational technology. Educational technology tends to repeat itself and when it does it gets very exciting! This is what makes it exciting! Just as technology changes so do our needs and our wants and this is what drives the trends. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends in educational technology and keep an eye on them over the next couple years.


First let’s look at one of the biggest trends in educational technology right now – mobile devices. Smart phones, iPads, digital pens and other portable devices are changing the way we do things. They allow us to access educational content, connect to others and basically stay connected all the time. If you have a cell phone you have most of the basics, but if you want to learn more about a certain subject or just want to check out what is new with a particular software tool, you can just log onto your computer and read up on it online.


Next on our list of trends in educational technology is e-learning. This seems to be taking over the world and with good reason. We no longer have to go to school and sit in a classroom; we can learn while we are busy doing something else. Online courses, remote learning and blended learning all fall under this category. A great example of an online course is the Microsoft Office Online, which allows students to learn how to use Microsoft Office effectively from the convenience of their own home.


Next on our list of trends in educational technology is internet based learning. With more parents are relying on the internet to get their children educated, it is not surprising that there are plenty of websites devoted to teaching parents how to get their children more involved in the educational technology curriculum. These sites provide a lot of information that parents will find interesting. There are news articles, educational articles and lots of information to help parents and educators learn about the new trends in educational technology.


Computers and educational software tools are constantly getting better. In the past few years, it was hard for teachers to incorporate technology into classrooms because the students were so used to using computers to perform the many common tasks such as researching and completing assignments. Now, teachers have access to educational software tools that give them the ability to include technology into the classroom curriculum. For example, a teacher can show students how the latest model Nintendo DSi game can assist them in learning about the history of the US space shuttles, for example. Using applications such as PowerPoint, interactive whiteboards and other tools, teachers are able to present and discuss educational material in a way that students can grasp quickly and easily.


Technology is only going to continue to grow in its influence and power in our society. Educational technology is a very important part of this and the trends that emerge every year are going to be stronger and more influential than the previous years. This is something that we all need to be aware of and appreciate. The latest trends in educational technology should include all areas of education from K-12 through higher education. Every student needs access to technology to make learning easier, faster and more effective. Let’s not forget the role that parents play in this, as well!

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