Three persons was cut down in Hunman Sacrifice Ritual in a mobay church (video & photo inside)

Ritual In Jamaica
Ritual In Jamaica

Member of the Pathways International Restoration of Montego Bay was caught by the JDf & JCF (Jamaica Defence Force, Jamaica Constabulary Force) performing a human sacrifice ritual.

A member of the Pathways International Restoration of Montego Bay was shot dead by the St James Police during a bizarre incident on Sunday evening.

Two other people have been confirmed dead.

Head of the St James Police Division SSP Vernon Ellis reported that members of the group, said to be a cult, were meeting when some were stabbed by other members.

The police were called and on arrival were reportedly fired on by the suspect as other members attacked the cops.

Ellis said the police returned the fire and the suspect was killed.

A pistol and several rounds of ammunition were found.

The Independent Commission of Investigations is probing the matter.

In the meantime, the police have detained almost 40 people who were meeting at the Norwood Avenue building in Paradise at the time of the incident.

The congregants, all dressed in white, were taken away in a Jamaica Defence Force truck.

One woman who was spotted leaving the building had one hand raised to the heavens and the other clutching a toddler.

Neighbours told Jamaica Loop that around 7 p.m, they heard heavy gunfire and then the screams of members.


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