Surveillance Camera Caught Jamaica Bonnie & Clyde In Shoot Out

A surveillance camera caught a Jamaican Bonnie & Clyde during a shoot-out with other men in the community of BrookValley Kingston Jamaica.

The cause of this incident is unaware at this moment but further investigations are on their way by the JDF.

A woman got shot in her leg by a stray bullet while celebrating her birthday on New Years’ night.

She was rushed to the hospital immediately and is now being treated.

Police say at least five people were injured in separate incidents as a result of gun salutes to ring in the new year on Saturday morning.

The incidents occurred in the St Catherine North and St Andrew South police divisions.

In the first incident, about 12:07 am, police said a man was sitting at his gate on Oxford Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine when loud explosions were heard. Shortly after he felt a burning sensation in his back and realized he had been shot.

Additionally, at nearby premises, a woman was in her bed when she felt a burning sensation in her left knee and realized she had been shot. Both were transported to the hospital where they were admitted.

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