Spice Got Disrespected On TV & In front Her Kids By Her Boyfriend (Video Inside)

Dancehall artiste Spice, boyfriend Justin budd seems to have a big problem with her on stage doing what she do best and that’s preforming for her Fans.

On season 11 of love & Hip Hop, Spice and Justin got into a heated argument while her children was there and Justin seems to have no respect for her kids.

Justin told spice she has to stop doing what she those on stage as in “whining, Skinning out her PumPum, and dancing on other man.

Spice went on by saying that after she heard this coming from him it let her feel a certain type of way and she don’t want anything to be holding her back from being that great artiste she know she is.

He makes me feel like I got to watch myself on stage I gave my all to my fans and to be honest he knew who I was before we got together said “spice”.

What Justin said to be disrespectful to Spice is that her career is “Disgusting”. And he didn’t just say it to she but he said it on TV & in front her kids.

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