Man Tried To Break Into Shenseea Hotel Room, Break Into Romeich Car Then Get Beat Up (Video Inside)

Team Shenseea & Team Romeich Ent got into an altercation with a thief who broke into Romeich’s car and stole his clothes & shoes.

It’s alledge that the thief also tried to break into Shenseea’s hotel room first when she & her team leaves the hotel to come back.

because of privacy reasons the hotel don’t want to release the video footage to the public said a close member of team Romeich.

In the video now circulating on the internet show’s when members of Team Shenseea & Romeich Ent confronted the thief and ask him where are the things he has stolen.

He then replied and said “right here”, after showing them the shoe he stole they began to hitting him in the face.

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