Man Head Chop Off And Left At His Mother’s Door Way For Not Raising Him Right (Video Inside)


It’s reported that a man said to be known as “Yannie” from Sherlock, Kingston was killed and head cut off and sent to his mother for not raising him right.

The mother of Yannie and other family members has left traumatized after he went missing for 1 week and nobody knows where he went, Then days later his head was left at his mother’s doorway.

It is said that There’s an ongoing gang war in the community of Sherlock, Kingston. Tension is high in the community police officers said.

After Jamaica Loop speaks with Yannie’s Family members and citizens of the Sherlock community, everyone seems to have a different point of view about him some of which are BAD.

Yannie’s mother said at about 4 am Friday morning October 23, 2021, she heard gunshots firing in the community for about 5 minutes non stop before the firing was seized,

After the shots have done firing she said there was someone knocking on her door but she was too afraid to open it so she waited until daylight was fully out and she started to hear her neighbor outside and vehicles on the road.

So I open my door and look outside and realize that a black scandal bag with a note on it was left at my doorway, on the note it reads “You Shudda Raise Him Good This Wouldn’t Happen”

So now I was wondering what’s in the bag so I decided to open it.

“I was so shocked and frightened when I opened the bag and see that it was my son’s head. I was so shocked that I didn’t even recognize him. I almost had a heart attack after opening the bag, his mother’s said.”

She went on by saying what has my son done to deserve this, I always tell him when he’s wrong when he has done something bad,

“Mi tell him every day Yannie if you don’t have nothing to do say inna your yard stop keep friend and company but him don’t listen to me”.

Officers are now in the community investigating and trying to control gun violence.

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