Man Charge For Rape Was Set On Fire By Inmates (MUST WATCH VIDEO INSIDE)

Relatives of a Hanover man who was allegedly tied up and his two feet set on fire by his fellow inmates while in lock-up, are now seeking justice.

One relative told THE JAMAICA LOOP that the man was picked up by police at his home and later arrested on sexual misconduct charges. It is alleged that while locked up, he was held by other inmates, tied up with a merino, and his feet set on fire with the use of toilet paper. The relative was shocked when she saw him days later.

“Mi walk over to the box inside the court weh him stand up inna, and when mi look over pon him foot mi haffe cry out,” the relative said. She said that he was barefoot, and the lower sections of both feet had large cuts and bruises. She said police told her that he was burned by the muffler of the motorcycle he was riding before being arrested.

“But mi tell them that him don’t own a bike, and him can’t even ride a bike,” the relative stated. She said that he was granted $100,000 bail and later taken to the doctor by officers. She said that after he got bail, he told them that inmates attacked him. She said that he is to return to court on June 17, but cannot walk properly. The man’s father is equally upset.


“Dem lock up mi son, an him leave here wid him two foot, nutten never did wrong wid him two foot, an him go inna lock-up an the prisoner dem in deh tie him up an bun him up,” he said. “Mi want fi know weh prisoner get matches and lighters inna jail. Mi neva know seh dem a run shop in deh, that dem all use fire an bun up mi son.”

The man’s attorney said that she is aware of the incident, and is awaiting a decision from his family if they plan to pursue the matter legally. She also advised the family to obtain a medical certificate. Several attempts to contact Superintendent Sharon Beeput, head of the Hanover police proved futile.

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