Kimmy Was Killed & Her Eyes Plucked Out , By Gang Leader In Her Community

Multiple gunshot wounds, a slashed throat, and plucked out eyes — that’s the last image a 54-year-old father now has of his daughter after police described to him the state of her body which was found in bushes last Thursday.

The woman, 30-year-old Leona “Kimmy” Thomas, a driver employed to GraceKennedy Limited, was killed early Wednesday morning while making deliveries in close proximity to her home in Windsor Heights, off Windsor Road in St Catherine. Strangely, it is an incident that remains low-keyed, as far as reportage goes.

“Mi cyaan sleep. Every time my eyes shut, it come like a she me a see. Mi a jump up outta mi sleep. A the police dem tell mi.

Me and my son… we went down to the station and talk to them. Her throat slashed and her eyes dem dig out and she get shot. And dem throw har inna bush,” the distressed man told the Jamaica Loop.

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