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Baby Zahviry with teratoma
Baby Zahviry with teratoma

Kentris Thomas mother of 3-week old zahviry is seeking help financially. Little zahviry is very sick and needs medical attention urgently, zahviry has a rare tumor called a teratoma.

He will be transferred to Canada for the neck teratoma to be removed. This information came suddenly and he is expected to leave very soon, hopefully, this weekend”, said the mother of baby zahviry.

The mother was advised by the hospital to get as much help as she can in aid of her child.

“I am asking for donation no matter how small it is”, said the mother in an interview with JAMAICALOOP. Kentris and baby zahviry both have to travel to Canada for the treatment of her son.

“The surgery will be paid for by a program, but they are not sure what I will have to pay for”, said the mother of zahviry.

The mother will have to find a place to stay and pay for her own food while she is there with zahviry. She will have to pay extra if anything medical arises at the hospital in which zahviry will be transferred to in Canada that the program doesn’t cover.

If you want to help Please contact zahviry mother on whats app at 1-876-418-3456

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