Is The Rapist Dead? “NO” Mistaken identified, Wrong Man Was Killed For Him In St.Thomas (Video Inside)

An angry mob on Wednesday morning killed a man who was mistakenly identified as the suspect in the recent abduction of two girls in Bath, St Thomas.

The incident happened in Llandewey, St Thomas at about 8 am.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Stephanie Lindsay, head of the force’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), confirmed the mob-killing incident.

“The man was killed by a mob in St Thomas after 8 this morning. Detectives are still on the ground, and they have discovered that the man who was killed is not Davian Bryan,” Lindsay said.

According to police reports, the now-deceased man was seen walking along the Llandewey main road and was approached by residents armed with machetes.

He reportedly ran into bushes and across the Yallahs River but was chased by the mob, with persons eventually inflicting several wounds to his body.

He was subsequently taken to hospital by the police but was pronounced dead at the facility.

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