Importance of Good Health in our Life


Community health education considers the overall health of a community as a whole, working with stakeholders to develop solutions to the many existing and projected health problems and concerns. The overall importance of health education focuses on several areas of health in a community, which includes: Prevention and management of chronic diseases. Community health programs focus on preventing illness and maintaining good health through strategic planning, service provision, evaluation, and integrated research and practice. The overall importance of health education also affects many other areas of health in a community, such as:

Community health education is designed to promote healthy living and prevent the spread of illness. This goal includes promoting healthy behaviors that include healthy eating, active transportation, physical fitness, regular exercise, and mental health. The importance of health education encompasses the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. The overall importance of health education promotes the achievement of goals regarding the optimal health for a community’s residents.

Community development is essential to achieving the goals of good health. One way to achieve this goal is through the implementation of policies that promote the completion of a full physical examination by everyone in the community, whether at work, at school, or at home. Community development programs are focused on providing information on nutrition, physical fitness, and active lifestyles. These programs also include activities that teach kids healthy eating, good habits, and how to stay physically fit. The overall importance of community development emphasizes the need to provide a complete physical examination for everyone in the community to ensure good health.

Community development also includes programs that teach kids how to be confident about their overall health. It provides kids with the ability to self-evaluate their bodies and determine how they can improve it. The importance of physical health includes teaching kids how to get exercise, learn how to eat right, and maintain a good weight for them. Developing social skills such as taking care of yourself and staying mentally healthy gives kids a better perspective on living.

Community development also focuses on the prevention of serious diseases. Studies have shown that people living in healthy communities have fewer incidences of serious diseases. Studies also indicate that people who live in healthy communities have higher rates of good health and lower incidences of mortality (death). For example, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are all more common in isolated, poor environments than in wealthy communities with access to doctors and other health services.

The overall importance of community health education is evident when families feel empowered to talk about and solve their own health issues. The value of these discussions cannot be underestimated because it gives kids a sense of pride and power that they might not get from other sources, such as school. Also, when parents and other adults are willing to talk about their own health and educate others about these issues, this leads to improved health. This is why it is important to include wellness education in elementary school.

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