How do Small Businesses do Digital Marketing?

Small business is defined as a privately owned company, partnership, or sole proprietorship which has fewer workers and less annual earnings compared to a company or regular-sized small business. The definition of”little”–in relation to being able to apply for government assistance and qualify for preferential taxation policy–changes by state and industry. The U.S. Small Business Administration defines a small business in accordance with a set of criteria based on particular sectors.

How do small businesses do digital marketing?

As a small business owner who is considering or already using digital marketing, I’ve got some ideas that may help you along the way. The first step is knowing what digital marketing is and why your small business should be doing it. Then it’s time to set up your first campaign using social media and email, or even both!

First off, what is ‘digital marketing? It is a term created by Shervin Pishevar which defines it as, “using emerging technologies to advertise your small business”. So, that just means that using social media sites, video sites like YouTube, and websites like Facebook and Twitter are all ways to advertise your business. But how do small businesses do this?

First of all, let me give you a little background on how social media works and how small businesses can benefit from it. Social media sites are places where millions of people go everyday and share various types of information, whether it is a video of an image, or text. When you advertise through social media sites, you have your website or blog listed right alongside it (which creates exposure). Your company name will also show up in the ‘share’ section (giving you more exposure as well). This exposure is FREE!

Here’s what you can do to really get the most out of Facebook and YouTube: If your company Facebook page is not already up and running, create one! Begin creating a buzz and attracting new customers daily! If your YouTube page is not live yet, get it going! Every time someone logs in to YouTube, add a new video, adding links to your Facebook page and vice versa.

The key to all of this is consistency. You want to get hundreds, if not thousands, of people to come to your site, and then to spread the word to their friends. How do small businesses do this? They post relevant content to the top of their Google+ pages and then invite their friends to ‘like’ them on Facebook as well. Each time a friend clicks the like button, a post will appear on their wall. It doesn’t take long before hundreds or even thousands of people will be coming to know about your small business.

So there you have it – some simple ideas to help you with your digital marketing efforts. If you’re still unsure, I encourage you to spend some time researching the ins and outs of social media. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I’ll be sure to provide you with all the advice I have to offer.

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