He Rejected His Girlfriend After She Propose To Him For Her Best Friend (Must Watch Video Inside)

Viral Video now trending on Twitter shows an American artiste proposing to her boyfriend but got rejected instantly.

Everyone was shocked by at taking place when the boyfriend rejects her and walks off with her best friend, It is said that the boyfriend and her best friend were cheating together behind her back.

And have planned it together to humiliated her when she is proposing to him and that’s exactly what he did.

After her So-called boyfriend humiliated her in the video you can see the best friend laughing while walking away.

also, her family members were including her daddy and he got very angry after seeing what this dude did to his daughter.

The Father of the girl that got Turned Down was very pissed and wanted to fight and they hold on to him, and you can him saying “You Really Did My daughter Like That”

But The Dude didn’t answer and just leave the venue.

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