Gas Attendant Shot & Killed In Broad DayLight By Men On Motorcycle


The female pump attendant who was shot dead at a gas station in Portmore, St Catherine has been identified, as 31-year-old Chevelle Lewis from Compound in Central Village, St Catherine.

According to early reports, Lewis was killed by men on a motorbike the incident happened at the Petcom service station along Grange Lane.

Her Two children are left motherless as gunmen shot and killed her yesterday afternoon.

About an hour after the incident, Lewis’ mother and other relatives rushed to the scene. Clinging to another woman for support, the distraught mother peered at her daughter’s body and pleaded with the police to remove her from the ground.

“Unno please take her up off the ground. Mi love mi daughter, enuh, she deh with mi from day one. It come in like mi granddaughter feel her mother death. She tell mi say a mi a go take her go school Monday and see it deh, a same suh it go,” she said.

Lewis, who would have celebrated her birthday next week, had reportedly started her shift at work less than two hours before her life was snuffed out. Her grief stricken mother said she had struggled to raise her children alone and seeing her offspring die in such a horrific manner was unbearable.

“Mi daughter, may yuh soul rest in peace. A mi oldest daughter and mi battle with mi pickney dem alone without any father. Father God, mi serve yuh so mi know you nah go make this go in vain,” she wailed.

A police officer on the scene told the news team that Lewis’ death is possibly linked to an ongoing gang war in Central Village.

investigators are trying to determine whether Tuesday’s fatal shooting of a female pump attendant at the Petcom gas station on Passagefort Drive in Portmore, St. Catherine is linked to a relative of the deceased.

Investigators say the deceased woman is the relative of an alleged gangster of Windsor Heights, Central Village, St. Catherine.

Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips, head of the St. Catherine South Police, told our news centre that detectives are still gathering information on the case.

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