Funeral of Carla & her 1-year-old daughter Karlie (Videos & Photos Inside)

The funeral of Carla & her 1-year-old daughter Karlie

The funeral of Carla & her 1-year-old daughter Karlie, who was cut down by her boyfriend’s jealous best friend has kept on October 8, 2021.

It was very sad to see a mother and her daughter being buried at the same time, everyone at the funeral was still in disbelief that this has happened to Carla & her daughter.

Seeing Carla’s Mother at the funeral in tears, crying for her only daughter and grandchild have me wondering what life is really about.

No mother should be going through such pain, having to Identify their child at the morgue and then to see them the last time going in the ground.

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It reported that a Jamaican couple and their young baby were kidnapped and killed in Orlando, Florida moments ago.

It is said that they were murdered by their family friend who goes by the name “Dujuon Griffiths”.

The Jamaican couple who is originally from Montego Bay migrated to the US where they were killed along with their young child.

The perpetrator “Dujuon Griffiths” who kidnapped the couple and their daughter, shot and killed them in cold blood.

Police are now doing their investigation and trying their best to locate the perpetrator.

The mother was known as “Carla” is a YouTuber who vlogs her daily lifestyle. she started her Youtube channel 2 years ago. her child “Karlie” is 9-months-old.


Her baby father who goes by the name Sin succumbed to injuries and died in the hospital moments ago.

The mother of the deceased Carla speaks out on Instagram

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