Dog Paw Girlfriend Speaks Out & Friends With High-Power Rifles Sault Him (Video Inside)

Reputed Gang Leader, Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton, Killed By Police

Leah Tavares-Finson, the outspoken daughter of noted attorney-at-law and President of the Senate, Tom Tavares-Finson, and the mother of Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton’s child have expressed that she will miss Linton following his death earlier today.

 Tavares-Finson and Dog Paw share a 10-year-old son.

 In a post to her Instagram stories a short while ago, Tavares-Finson referred to the deceased as ‘Paw Paw Bear’.

 “I will miss you Paw Paw Bear. My Dark Paw,” she wrote. She added: “watch over us the right way now.”  In another story post, Tavares-Finson shared a photo of Dog Paw with their son and her other child.

Dog Paw was cut down by law enforcers acting on intelligence in Elletson Flats, St Andrew shortly before 2 pm on Monday.

Reports are that the police intercepted a vehicle in which armed men were believed to be traveling in the area. Upon arrival, law enforcers commanded that the vehicle stop. Police report that was when Linton alighted from the vehicle, opening fire at the police. The gunfire was returned and Linton was clap.

A .45 pistol was seized following the incident.

 Head of the Crime and Security Portfolio, Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, says Linton had been implicated in several murders and shootings since his release from prison in April of this year.

Video now circulating on social media shows men in the hills of St Andrew with high-power rifles saluting their late don Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton’s.

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