Cult Pastor Die In Car Crash , alongside a policeman (Graphic Video Inside Watch Now)

Cult pastor Die In Car Crash
Cult pastor Die In Car Crash

Kevin Smith, the pastor for the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries, is feared dead following a motor vehicle accident along the Bog Walk Bypass on Monday morning.

Smith is believed to have died alongside a policeman in the accident. Three other cops were injured in the incident.

Police sources tell Jamaica Loop that Smith was being transported from Montego Bay, where he was being held, to CIB headquarters in downtown Kingston in an unmarked police vehicle when the accident occurred.

He was being taken to Kingston reportedly because of the behavior of police personnel at the location where he was being held in Montego Bay. The rank and name of the deceased policeman have not been released as yet.

Residents of Linstead who visited the crash scene told Jamaica Loop that the now-deceased pastor was seen wearing a blue mask, lying beside the dead policeman.

They said the car transporting Smith collided with another vehicle.

Smith was detained two Sundays ago after police went to his church where human sacrifices were reportedly being held.

A shoot-out reportedly occurred between police and some churchgoers. It is reported that at least one person’s throat was slashed with a knife at the church.

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