China Association for Science and Technology


The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) was founded in 1963. The stated objectives of the Association are to promote and advance research in science and technology. The association has developed a network of more than 500 scientific and technical institutes and colleges in China. The organization also aims to foster international cooperation in the field of science and technology. The main function of CAST is to disseminate information on new developments in China and abroad.

The CAST is an international network of multidisciplinary researchers and technicians who exchange views and experiences. The network has representatives from more than 80 countries. The International Association of Applied Research in China (IRAAC) is an offshoot of the CAST. IRAAC is the largest inter-organizational association of applied research in China. The organization brings together research workers and practitioners from many disciplines in the fields of applied science. IRAAC is very closely associated with CAST.

CAST has another affiliate, the Center for International Exchanges of Education and Research (IEER). CAST and IEER are closely related. The partnership between the two organizations has increased their participation in international seminars and workshops, as well as other exchanges of information and expertise. Both organizations also conduct seminars and conferences on a voluntary basis to bring together people from different countries who have a common interest in the field of international education and exchange information on important issues.

There is also another international association in China, the Shanghai Institute of Technology. The Shanghai Institute of Technology was set up in 1979 and is located in the city of Shanghai in China. This international school also shares its membership with more than 20 other research and technology organizations from other countries. The institutes offer a variety of courses and research in different areas of study including applied physics, computer engineering, applied chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and several others.

The Shanghai Institute of Technology participates in the International Association of Computing and Learning (IACL) and the East Asia and South East Asian Textbook Examinations (EASTE) held in different parts of the world. The school also participates in the International Association of School Technology (IASTET) and the European Inter Continental Exhibition (ECE). Other international exchanges that are conducted by the Shanghai Institute of Technology include participation in the Program for International Exposition (PIE) and other exhibitions and conferences in Europe and Asia. The school also participates in the International Workshop on Computing and Computer Applications (IWCCA) in Japan. The students from this university also participate in the International Academy of Computing Machines (IAACM) and the International Joint Computing Research Conference (ICCC).

The present academic year is conducted from April to June. During the last two semesters, a new curriculum and course structure were approved and introduced. The Shanghai Institute of Technology offers different programs for different areas, so that the students can choose the appropriate degree for their careers. Some of the courses are Information Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Systems, Methods and Software, Computer Networks and Cryptography, and Computer Engineering.

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