Caught On Camera Man trying to Kidnap woman in Papine Jamaica (Video Inside)

Exclusive to is a video that was capture late yesterday night by an associate of “Jamaica Loop” in the vicinity of Tavern, Papine/Jamaica.

In the video, you can see a woman being beaten by a man who seems to be a kidnapper said our source. get to understand our source had just been let off by the company bus after leaving from work at about 12 am-1 am and heading home.

While on the way home they realize a black car that seems to be a honda was driving very slowly behind the woman in the video screaming in fear of her life.

Then suddenly a tall black man dressed in a Red Hat and Red & Yellow Shirt and a dark Blue jeans Pants outburst of the vehicle and run after the lady and she ran,

But fell a few feet away while the man was chasing her down, when she drops he just step into her head and said: “hey gyal a weh you a run guh is you me come for”.

She began to scream for her life, and I quickly call the police and explain what was taking place but they weren’t understand was I was saying it seems because I was shocked and talking softly and in fear too.

So I hang up the phone and started recording but at that moment the man was trying to put her in the car and the lady wouldn’t allow him and kept on dropping herself to the ground.

I couldn’t do anything because it was me alone said our source so I kept hiding and recording what was taking place,

My heart has broken instantly when I see him pull out a gun, all I could say to myself is she’s dead now while crying but he didn’t shoot her he was just hitting her with the gun all over her body.

I couldn’t bear to hide no more said our source, so I decided to ran and upon making that decision, while I am about to run off I scream out “Rapist Mi Call The Police Them A Cum” and he looks up and sees me, then I run for my life and he ran me down but he didn’t get too caught me.

When I reach my house my heart was beating fast I could barely breathe and I burst into tears, while my relatives ask me what happen I couldn’t explain.

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