Benefits of Green Tea for Human Health

Antioxidants are known as the “healthy” anti-oxidants. Our body’s cells are made up of different types of poly-phenol compounds or organic compounds. These compounds may be antioxidants or free radicals, depending on their chemical makeup. Free radicals have been linked to diseases like cancer and heart disease and some of them may even be able to slow down the aging process. Some antioxidants may even prevent cancer itself.

The reason why green tea has so much more health benefits associated with it than other teas is because of the special processing. Black tea is usually processed in such a manner that permits fermentation thus making it less healthy. As a result, black tea retain less poly-phenol compounds and antioxidants that give green tea its numerous health benefits. Among those benefits may be the ability to improve brain function and reduce the risk of some cancers.

Green tea contains catechin polyphenol or better known as ECGC. This antioxidant could help lower your blood sugar level. ECGC may also help reduce the rate of your metabolism, which could help you lose weight. The ECGC antioxidant could help reduce your food intake, which helps suppress your appetite. It also increases the amount of energy you have so you could burn the stored fat faster.

It also lowers the absorption of fat into your bloodstream thus preventing fat accumulation in your body. In addition to this, ECGC has the ability to increase your endurance, which means you can perform physical activities for longer durations. This may reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce the risk of some forms of cancer.

Another one of the benefits of this tea is its ability to prevent type 2 diabetes. ECGC has been proven to reduce the risk of this disease by reducing blood sugar levels. However, some studies show that people with type 2 diabetes who drink this tea extract have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The studies were conducted on people with diabetes of the insulin resistance type. These subjects who drink this type of tea extract had a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, although the results may not entirely prove this. These studies were conducted on mice only so it is not yet known if these findings would also apply to humans.

It is also believed to be a contributing factor to weight loss. Many studies show that ECGC has the ability to regulate metabolism, which means that it could help you achieve effective weight loss. ECGC has also been studied in animals and found to be effective in helping them burn fat. This may help you lose weight because it may promote more efficient metabolic processes.

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