5 men shot and killed during a shoot out in puerto rico between two rival gangs

This massacre was caught on video Surveillance Cameras showing the moment five men were killed during a chaotic shootout at a party in Puerto Rico.

The five men that were killed are all in a gang and they are identified as

Jonathan O’Neill Ortiz Castrodad aka “Ónix”, 27;

Andrés Manuel Bonilla Rivera, 38;

Sebastián Figueroa Camacho, 28;

José M. Delgado Rivers, 24;

Bryan Álvarez Carrión, 24, who past away on Thursday.

But According to local police, Ónix was the intended target. because he is the leader of the gang and he wants to control everything and everybody and the other gang wasn’t having that.

The video below will show the shoot-out between the two gangs and how Onix and this gang fight back with all their might even though they were injured.

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But this seems to be a setup because the other gang came well prepared and ready for the shootout, Onix and his gang were outnumbered as you can see in the video.

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