4 Months Old Pregnant Woman Was Killed In Her Sleep Along Side Her BoyFriend in Montego Bay

4-months pregnant mother and her boyfriend were gunned down in front of their 2 twin boys who are 4-year-old.

A woman, reported to be four months pregnant, was shot and killed along with her common-law husband after gunmen attacked them in the early hours of Saturday morning in Norwood, St James.

Initial reports are that Suwayne Pennicott, otherwise called ‘Su Su’, and Barrington Clarke, also called ‘Peppa’, were murdered while in bed after gunmen invaded their home on Chico Lane.

It is alleged that at about 3:50 am, the assailants made their entry by breaking down the door and then peppered the couple with several rounds.

They then made good their escape.

The mother of four and her common-law husband were later pronounced dead.

The incident has left that area of the Norwood community tense. Family members were distraught as they tried to come to grips with the killing.

A relative, who was on the scene, shared that Pennicott, who already was the mother of four boys, was hoping for a girl with her current pregnancy.

“She was four months pregnant and she always tell me say a one girl she want. She have four boys and she need a girl,” the relative remarked.

The family member further insisted that the deceased woman worked hard for her kids and it was just recently she had told her she had just paid the school for her 12-year-old so that he could graduate.

“She is a hardworking girl. She stand up to her kids them. She help her kids them very much.”

Another family member disclosed that Pennicott was the main breadwinner for her children.

The police are now continuing their probe into the matter which occurred in a section of the community that falls under the Zones of Special Operations that had been set up in the community last year.

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