19 Year-Old About To Start Her Own Clothing Brand “Non Divided” And She Will Not Give Up

19-Year-Old Fashion Modle is about to set off a big wave in the Fashion Industry with her new Clothing Brand “Non-Divided”, and the meaning of her brand is much more than what it seems.

After speaking with the boss lady for Non-Divided and asking her whats the meaning behind her brand this is what she had to say.

” Instead of being divided or separated by certain categories & judged individually to try and tear somebody apart,

Why not come together as one and be Non-Divided we all bleed the same nobody can break positive energy or try to degrade an individual for how they look or speak to one another,

Non-Divided is for people that want to be happy & spread positivity to help others and come together to save the culture as a whole.

Nobody wants to be judged and Divided into a certain category where everyone looks at them as the bad guy whether its race, personality, or just how somebody looks nobody should be Divided like an item”.

And Those are the words of 19-year-old Ashanti Desiree Killion Vargas.

we should all have a positive mindset and create clothing that has a positive meaning behind it to make the world a better place and Save The Culture !

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