25-year-old Brianna Kerr and Her Boyfriend Was Hit Off Their Bike By Police Officers

25-year-old Brianna Kerr and Her Boyfriend who is not yet identified was allegedly hit of their motorcycle by police officers, instantly killing Brianna, while her boyfriend was rushed to the hospital.

Jamaica Loop get to understand that Brianna was at an illegal party celebrating her 25th birthday, December 02, 2021, at about 10:30 pm in the vicinity of Nanny Ville.

After the party was finished at about 12:45 Am, December 03, 2021, Brianna, and her boyfriend was seen leaving on his motorcycle by friends who also attend the party.

Minutes after Brianna & Her Boyfriend Leave the party, Outlookers say that they see police officers chasing down the motorcycle Brianna and her boyfriend were on.

“Everybody did a laugh and shouting Ride Ride don’t make them check you because it’s now curfew hours,” said an Out-Looker.

While the police officers were chasing them down, Brianna’s Boyfriend turn the bike on Mountain View Avenue and start heading down towards Windward Road, Kingston 2,

The Police Officers continue to chase them until they were out of our sight and we couldn’t see them anymore.

Moments after we were informed that a couple got hit off their bike by the police on the gully cross over, so we go in our cars and drive to the scene. only to see Brianna dead and her boyfriend taking his last breath.

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